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Thursday 17 April 2014

Sinnett Alfred Percy - The growth of the soul

Author : Sinnett Alfred Percy Title : The growth of the soul A sequel to "esoteric buddhism" Year : 1905 Link download : Sinnett_Alfred_Percy_-_The_growth_of_the_soul.zip Preface to the first edition. The gulf which lies between the thinking of the ordinary world in reference to matters  […]

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Sinnett Alfred Percy - Esoteric buddhism

Author : Sinnett Alfred Percy Title : Esoteric buddhism Year : 1883 Link download : Sinnett_Alfred_Percy_-_Esoteric_buddhism.zip Preface. The teachings embodied in the present volume let in a flood of light on questions connected with Buddhist doctrine which have deeply perplexed previous writers  […]

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