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Monday 22 August 2016

Rahn Otto - Invisible radiations of organisms

Author : Rahn Otto Title : Invisible radiations of organisms Year : 1936 Link download : Rahn_Otto_-_Invisible_radiations_of_organisms.zip Foreword. Visible biological radiations have always greatly attracted man's curiosity; fireflies and glow worms, luminescent wood, phosphorescent meat, and the  […]

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Friday 20 May 2016

Tesla Nikola - Entrevue avec John Smith 1899

Auteur : Tesla Nikola Ouvrage : Entrevue avec John Smith 1899 Année : 1899 Lien de téléchargement : Tesla_Nikola_-_Entrevue_avec_John_Smith_1899.zip En 1899 Nikola Tesla a fait l’objet d’une interview qui a rarement été publiée au cours de ces 100 dernières années. Dedans, Tesla ne met aucun coups  […]

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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Moray Thomas Henry - The sea of energy in which the Earth floats

Author : Moray Thomas Henry Title : The sea of energy in which the Earth floats For beyond the light rays lies the secret of the Universe The evolution of energy and matter Year : 1960 Link download : Moray_Thomas_Henry_-_The_sea_of_energy_in_which_the_Earth_floats.zip Introduction. Radiant energy  […]

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Thursday 24 March 2016

Martin Thomas Commerford - The inventions researches and writings of Nikola Tesla

Author : Martin Thomas Commerford Title : The inventions researches and writings of Nikola Tesla With special reference to his work in polyphase currents and high potential lighting Year : 1894 Link download : Martin_Thomas_Commerford_-_The_inventions_researches_and_writings_of_Nikola_Tesla.zip  […]

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Monday 21 March 2016

Haller George Francis - Cunningham Elmer Tiling - The Tesla high frequency coil

Authors : Haller George Francis - Cunningham Elmer Tiling Title : The Tesla high frequency coil 56 illustrations Year : 1910 Link download : Haller_George_Francis_-_Cunningham_Elmer_Tiling_-_The_Tesla_high_frequency_coil.zip Introduction. In presenting this book on the Tesla coil to the public the  […]

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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Miletta Joseph R. - Propagation of electromagnetic fields over Flat Earth

Author : Miletta Joseph R. Title : Propagation of electromagnetic fields over Flat Earth Year : 2001 Link download : Miletta_Joseph_R_-_Propagation_of_electromagnetic_fields_over_Flat_Earth.zip Abstract. This report looks at the interaction of radiated electromagnetic fields with earth ground in  […]

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Thursday 21 January 2016

Rudolf Germar - Le rapport Rudolf

Auteur : Rudolf Germar Ouvrage : Le rapport Rudolf Année : 1996 Lien de téléchargement : Rudolf_Germar_-_Le_rapport_Rudolf.zip Rapport d'expertise sur la formation et le contrôle de la présence de composés cyanurés dans les " chambres à gaz " d'Auschwitz. ...  […]

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Saturday 12 December 2015

Adams George - Physical and ethereal spaces

Author : Adams George Title : Physical and ethereal spaces Year : 1965 Link download : Adams_George_-_Physical_and_ethereal_spaces.zip Foreword. Think on it : how the point becomes a sphere and yet remains itself. Hast thou understood how the infinite sphere may be only a point, then come again,  […]

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Sunday 29 November 2015

Scaligero Massimo - Il mito della scienza

Author : Scaligero Massimo Title : Il mito della scienza Year : 1967 Link download : Scaligero_Massimo_-_Il_mito_della_scienza.zip 1. Forme logiche del declino interiore. Il problema a cui si sfugge - Retroscena della cultura - Fede discorsiva - Il contenuto psichico - Freud e Jung - L'equivoco  […]

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Friday 20 November 2015

Silbernagel Albert Philippe - 1er congrès international d'électroculture

Auteurs : Silbernagel Albert Philippe - Basty Fernand - Escard Jean Ouvrage : 1er congrès international d'électroculture Année : 1914 Lien de téléchargement : Silbernagel_Albert_Philippe_-_1er_congres_international_d_electroculture.zip Et des applications de l'électricité à l'agriculture, à la  […]

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