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Friday 18 September 2015

Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Marxmanship in Dallas

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton Title : Marxmanship in Dallas Year : 1964 Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Marxmanship_in_Dallas.zip We all know what happened in Dallas on the twenty-second of November. It is imperative that we understand it. Lee Harvey Oswald was a young punk who  […]

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Oliver Revilo Pendleton - Killing Kennedy

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton Title : Killing Kennedy Year : 1992 Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_Killing_Kennedy.zip My article dealt with the American Medical Association, which had mobilized two squads of tame physicians to discredit the widely shown cinema "J.F.K." and an  […]

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