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Sunday 24 January 2016

Yamanaka K. - Jiu-jutsu

Author : Yamanaka K. Title : Jiu-jutsu Year : 1918 Link download : Yamanaka_K_-_Jiu-jutsu.zip Preface. The value of Jiu-Jutsu is proven by the fact that wherever known the advantages of this art are greatly appredated, and its principles are incorporated into the systems of physical culture in use  […]

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Cahn Irvin - A defense manual of commando jiu-jitsu

Author : Cahn Irvin Title : A defense manual of commando jiu-jitsu Year : 1943 Link download : Cahn_Irvin_-_A_defense_manual_of_commando_jiu-jitsu.zip Purpose of This Book. American men and women should be properly equipped to defend themselves when unforeseen emergencies arise. ...  […]

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Garrud W. H. - Ju-jitsu The japanese art of self defence

Author : Garrud W. H. Title : Ju-jitsu The japanese art of self defence Year : 1928 Link download : Garrud_W_H_-_Ju-jitsu_The_japanese_art_of_self_defence.zip Introduction. There is a notion at the back of most fellows' minds that Ju-Jitsu is "twisting a chap's arms about and making him  […]

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Hipkiss James - Unarmed combat

Author : Hipkiss James Title : Unarmed combat Your answer to invasion Ju-Jitsu The art of physical defence and attack practically explained and illustrated Year : 1941 Link download : Hipkiss_James_-_Unarmed_combat.zip Foreword. At the time of writing lhis preface the threat of invasion of 'Britain  […]

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King I. C. - How to use jiu jitsu

Author : King I. C. Title : How to use jiu jitsu Army-tested methods of self-defense for men and women Year : 1944 Link download : King_I_C_-_How_to_use_jiu_jitsu.zip Learn to protect yourself against an assailant of superior strength, in any emergency. ...  […]

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Liederman Earle - The science of wrestling and the art of jiu-jitsu

Author : Liederman Earle Title : The science of wrestling and the art of jiu-jitsu Year : 1923 Link download : Liederman_Earle_-_The_science_of_wrestling_and_the_art_of_jiu-jitsu.zip Preface. It has been said that every worth-while man is possessed with some hobby. He may not admit it. In fact, he  […]

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Lord Harry - Lighting ju-jitsu

Author : Lord Harry Title : Lighting ju-jitsu Year : * Link download : Lord_Harry_-_Lighting_ju-jitsu.zip Simple directions and how-to-do-it illustrations tell and show you every move, to make you an expert in Ju-Jitsu ! Contains all the Grips, Holds, Secrets, Blows, Pressures, Jabs and Tactics  […]

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Lowell Frederick Paul - Jiu-jitsu

Author : Lowell Frederick Paul Title : Jiu-jitsu Year : 1942 Link download : Lowell_Frederick_Paul_-_Jiu-jitsu.zip Introduction. The origin of jiu-jitsu-translated roughly as "the soft or gentle art"- is usually attributed to the Japanese, as it was from Japan that it was introduced to  […]

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Nakae Kiyose - Jiu jitsu complete

Author : Nakae Kiyose Title : Jiu jitsu complete Year : 1958 Link download : Nakae_Kiyose_-_Jiu_jitsu_complete.zip Publisher's Preface. I have known and admired Professor Kiyose Nakae for many years. He is considered the foremost instructor of authentic Jiu Jitsu in the western world. His students  […]

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O'Brian John J. - A complete course of jiu-jitsu and physical culture

Author : O'Brian John J. Title : A complete course of jiu-jitsu and physical culture Year : 1905 Link download : O_Brian_John_J_-_A_complete_course_of_jiu-jitsu_and_physical_culture.zip We know that you will find interest in reading and demonstrating to your own satisfaction the effectiveness of  […]

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