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Saturday 17 June 2017

Hay Denis - The age of the Renaissance

Author : Hay Denis Title : The age of the Renaissance Year : 1967 Link download : Hay_Denis_-_The_age_of_the_Renaissance.zip Introduction. The significance of Renaissance Europe. Denys Hay. European cultural history has gone through a number of transfigurations since the time in the 4th and 5th  […]

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Wednesday 12 April 2017

Trujillo Fernando - El poder del patriarcado

Author : Trujillo Fernando Title : El poder del patriarcado Year : 2014 Link download : Trujillo_Fernando_-_El_poder_del_patriarcado.zip Introducción. En el siglo XXI la violencia, la masculinidad, la fuerza, el coraje, el instinto de aventura y de peligro, el ser hombre es ahora políticamente  […]

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Monday 6 March 2017

Grant Michael - The birth of Western civilization

Author : Grant Michael Title : The birth of Western civilization Greece and Rome Year : 1964 Link download : Grant_Michael_-_The_birth_of_Western_civilization.zip Introduction. The tradition that holds us in thrall. Without Greece and Rome, for better or for worse-and almost certainly, despite all  […]

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Piggott Stuart - The dawn of civilization

Author : Piggott Stuart Title : The dawn of civilization Volume 1 The first world survey of human cultures in early times Year : 1968 Link download : Piggott_Stuart_-_The_dawn_of_civilization.zip Foreword. Almost exactly three years ago the initial scheme for The Dawn of Civilization saw its first  […]

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Saturday 14 January 2017

Rice David Talbot - The dawn of European civilization

Author : Rice David Talbot Title : The dawn of European civilization Volume 3 The dark ages Year : 1965 Link download : Rice_David_Talbot_-_The_dawn_of_European_civilization.zip Introduction. The Myth of the 'Dark Ages'. David Talbot Rice. UNTIL NOT so LONG AGO it was sufficient for a student of  […]

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Wednesday 27 July 2016

Sitchin Zecharia - When Time Began

Author : Sitchin Zecharia Title : When Time Began Startling documented proof of the extraterrestrial gods who changed the course of human development Book V of The Earth Chronicles Year : 1993 Link download : Sitchin_Zecharia_-_When_Time_Began.zip FOREWORD. Since the earliest times, Earthlings have  […]

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Sitchin Zecharia - The Lost Realms

Author : Sitchin Zecharia Title : The Lost Realms Book IV of The Earth Chronicles Year : 1990 Link download : Sitchin_Zecharia_-_The_Lost_Realms.zip FOREWORD. In the annals of Europe the discovery of the New World bears the imprint of El Dorado—the relentless search for gold. But little did the  […]

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Sitchin Zecharia - The End of Days Armageddon and the Prophecies of the Return

Author : Sitchin Zecharia Title : The End of Days Armageddon and the Prophecies of the Return The 7th and Concluding Book of The Earth Chronicles Year : 2007 Link download : Sitchin_Zecharia_-_The_End_of_Days.zip PREFACE: THE PAST, THE FUTURE “When will they return?” I have been asked this question  […]

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Sitchin Zecharia - Genesis Revisited

Author : Sitchin Zecharia Title : Genesis Revisited Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient Knowledge Staggering new evidence of an astonishing science that flourished in mankind's distant past! Year : 1990 Link download : Sitchin_Zecharia_-_Genesis_Revisited.zip FOREWORD. The last decades of  […]

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Sitchin Zecharia - Divine Encounters

Author : Sitchin Zecharia Title : Divine Encounters A Guide to Visions, Angels, and other Emissaries Year : 1995 Link download : Sitchin_Zecharia_-_Divine_Encounters.zip THE FIRST ENCOUNTERS. Divine Encounters are the ultimate human experience—the maximal, the utmost possible when alive, as when  […]

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