Rimland Ingrid - Psyching Out Sex

Author : Rimland Ingrid
Title : Psyching Out Sex
Year : 1975

Link download : Rimland_Ingrid_-_Psyching_Out_Sex.zip

Dealing as I do with young people every day, I have often felt the need for an informal, readable book that would raise some logical questions about things we take for granted in the realni of sexual loving. Therefore, PSYCHING OUT SEX was structured to contain a dozen informal chapters about the joys and aches of sexual loving: of the push behind human sexuality, of body image, of "love with a question mark." It talks about male needs for "blast off's" and male fears of "power failures," and speculates on the emotional reasons behind the seemingly slower female fuse. It takes a critical look at our finger-shaking culture and asks: "Conviction or habituation?" It talks about gendeness as well as savage hurting, both in the name of sexual love. It looks at the results of careless loving: at "accidental" babies born into an overcrowded world. It permits the reader to feel some of the convulsions brought about by unconventional sexual thinking, as many women shed their "chains" and many gays "take off their masks." Finally, it takes a peek at sex in tomorrow's world, leaving the reader with the feeling that vastly more might be asked of the sexual self than conventional know-how would have us believe. This book has undergone several revisions with the assistance of half a dozen zestful anonymous teen-agers in my neighborhood who served as critics and judges of the manuscript as it developed. Their comments were very perceptive, always helpful, and very much to the point. They changed the flavor of an initial draft meant to impart rather conventional, widely agreed upon psychological principles to content designed to be novel and provocative for readers with intelligent, open, inquisitive young minds. Although this book touches on many facets of quite sophisticated psychological thinking, they wanted it simple in approach and easy to absorb. These kids drifting in and out of my office inquiring about "that deal you're writing" made me see that it should be written for smooth readability rather than scientific exactness, that it was more expedient to aim for overall scope rather than fine definitive distinctions. They made it quite plain that its professed goal should be challenge rather than absolute wisdom from "authority." Thus, PSYCHING OUT SEX was written for a readership that craves some inner substance, that wants to know more than just assembly-line answers when temptation is pressing and hard to resist. It is meant to question and challenge in the light of current psychological thinking. It imparts some knowledge about the workings and wheels and fuels of the inner self in a language that young, imaginative readers can integrate into their often turbulent lives, so whatever emotions are felt and perceived will make a little better sense. ...

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