Busch Moritz - Bismarck Some secret pages of his history Volume 1

Author : Busch Moritz
Title : Bismarck Some secret pages of his history Volume 1
Year : 1898

Link download : Busch_Moritz_-_Bismarck_Some_secret_pages_of_his_history_Volume_1.zip

Publisher's preface. The English edition of Dr. Busch's work which we publish to-day has been translated from the original German text in our possession. A few passages have, however, been omitted as defamatory, or otherwise unsuitable for publication. Dr. Busch contemplated incorporating bodily in the first volume a reproduction of his earlier work : Prince Bismarck and his People during the Franco-German War, but while preserving the many valuable additions which he made to it, we have considerably abridged such portions as would no longer have presented any special interest for English readers. THE PUBLISHERS. ...

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