Molyneaux Kenneth - White Empire

Author : Molyneaux Kenneth
Title : White Empire
Year : 19**

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White Empire - Chapter I by Rev. Kenneth Molyneaux. A sleek F-35 fighter aircraft glided silently through the summer air somewhere over the jungles of Africa. This technologically advanced aircraft, commonly known as the Bolt by its pilots, was the pride of the White Empire's Air Force. The Bolt was unmatched in speed, agility, armor, and firepower but then again everything within the White Empire was supreme. The fighter had many revolutionary features that make it one of the many prides of the glorious White Empire and her scientists. Not only was the Bolt invisible to enemy radar, but was also able to blend into whatever environment it was in. At nights it became pitch black to match the midnight sky and on bright sunny days like today, it became an azure blue. This camouflage technology not only hid the airplane but produced a psychological dread on the enemies of the White Empire. These enemies never knew when an attack by the mighty legions of the White Empire would commence due to the invisibility of the airplanes. The effects of this terror only compounded the sickness, decay, and general inferiority of the enemies of White Empire who are called muds. Another technological marvel that the F-35 had in its arsenal is the dreaded Hyper Neutron Missile. This missile was devastatingly powerful but only to living beings. The Death's Head as it was affectionately called by fighter pilots, bombards humans and other animals with neutrons, killing them instantly. The Death's Head was preferred over hydrogen bombs as it didn't cause radiation, didn't destroy building, and didn't harm plant life whatsoever. That way, the magnificent White Empire could send adventurous colonists to settle the newly conquered territories. John Granger gazed dreamily about the expanse of the African jungles as he easily maneuvered the F- 35 through the skies. Most pilots used auto-pilot until they reached their destination but not John. John loved the power and control of flying a dynamic Bolt aircraft. John liked to compare himself with the great explorers like Magellan or Columbus. It didn't matter to him that the skies he flew in were previously seen by many men. Being of the Creativity faith, he was adventurous and inquisitive and that was what had drawn him to the Air Force. John was, like most men of the day, lean, agile, and powerful. He had short cropped blond hair with sparkling blue eyes that matched perfectly with the skies in which he now flew. John's frame measured out at over 1.8 meters tall and he weighed around 77 kilograms. His size and structure were similar to that of a sprinter and, for good reason, as track and field was one of John's hobbies. This pilot had a strong jaw and powerful cheek bones to match his powerful frame. John loved the outdoors and being in shape and his tanned, muscular body showed that he was in excellent physical condition. John glanced at the instrument panel and decided to use the manual controls instead of the voice activated ones. John had always felt odd talking to computers so he tended to prefer hitting the panels on video screen. After consulting the video screen, he realized he would soon be approaching the target sight. A wave of euphoria swept over John as he knew that he would soon be engaging the vile mud people. John was a fanatical warrior who loved his great White brothers and sisters and hated his deadly enemies whom he would soon destroy. John felt the tingles of excitement as he was about to enter combat. Granted, he wasn't expecting enemy resistance and it seemed to be a routine mission but that didn't matter to John. John was like most soldiers of the ancient past in that he wished for fame and glory but he was not interested in merely being selfish. The soldiers of the White Empire fought and died to bring glory and greatness to the White Race and John held his people at the pinnacle of his priorities. This very characteristic that John displayed was what had catapulted the White Empire into the annals of history as the greatest civilization ever created. ...

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