Feder Gottfried - The programme of the NSDAP

Author : Feder Gottfried
Title : The programme of the NSDAP and its General Conceptions
Year : 1932

Link download : Feder_Gottfried_-_The_programme_of_the_NSDAP.zip

Historical Account of the Rise of the N.S.D.A.P. with a Biographical Survey of the Career of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was bom on April 20 th, 1889, at Braun au on the Inn, a village of the old Bavaria. His father was the orphaned child of a poor peasant and worked his way up to being a Customs Official. His mother came from a German peasant family. When he was 13 years old he !ost his father, and four years later his mother. Adolf Hitler was then a scholar at the Re a 1- schu1e at Linz on the Danube, after leaving the National School. It had been his father's wish that he should become an official, but his own desire was to be an artist. His mother's death obliged him without further delay to earn his own living. At 17 years old Hitler went to Vienna, where he aimed to become an architect. He earned a living by his own efforts, first as a builder's labourer, mixing the mortar, then as an architect's draughtsman. At 18 years old he was already ta king an interest in poli tics; he became anti-Marxist, but so far took no leading part. From his earliest youth Hitler had been passionately Nationalist, and his hope was to combine the social experiences of his worlüng period with his nationalist convictions. For severa! years he lived in Vienna in extreme poverty. In 1912 he migrated to Munich, where he was a student. He had never known youthful enjoyments, but ever since the day when he left home with 50 kronen in his pocket, labour and privation had been his lot. In February, 1911!, he succeeded in getting free from the obligation to serve in the Austrian 1\rmy. Six months later war broke out. He immediately volunteered for service in the German Army, and obtained, by a direct appeal to King Ludwig of Bavaria, permission to enter a Bavarian regiment as a volunteer for the war. On October 10 th, 1911!, the new regiment marched forth. On Deccmber 2nd, 1911!, the 25-years oid volunteer was awarded the Iron Cross, 2nd Class. In recognition of his bravery in the ataack on the 'Bayernwald' and in the other engagements near Wytschaete, he was ordered to take on duty as a despatch-carrier, which demanded especial courage and reliability, for reports had often to be carried across open ground under heavy fire. This quickly made his name known throughout the regiment beyond the narrow circle of his comrades. On October 7th, 1916, he was wounded by a shell splinter. In March, 1917, he returned to his regiment. He received severa! other distinctions, including a Reg i rn en t s meeting of 1700. He now organised the propaganda of the young Party, which after a year's work numbered 61! members. A year later. 1920 - it bad already reached 3000. Hitler's propagandist activity in Mumch was such that be was finally addressing mass~meetings three times a week, and on Mondays he carried on a course of instruction. He attacked first and foremost the f o 11 y of V ers a i Il e s, and denied the assertions of the Marxists, the Centre Party, etc. that it was possible to fulfil that Treaty. He pilloried the slogan of these Parties - "Give up your arms, and the others will also disarm". He spoke on the assumption that after arms had been given up by us the rest would continue to arm, - if not with their own money, then with the millions wrung from the completely disarmed German nation. Whilst opposing the propaganda od the S.P.D. and Centre in favour of signing the Treaty, he prophecied that the Ruhr would be occupied, whatever we signed. 1921. This year was marked by the foundation of the first l0cal groups at Rosenheim and Landshut. Hitler organised the first body of men to protect the Party, and began his fight against the Separatist movement in Bavaria. Our leader also addressed a meeting of over 5000 in the Circus in Munich. ...

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