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Monday 22 August 2016

Rahn Otto - Invisible radiations of organisms

Author : Rahn Otto Title : Invisible radiations of organisms Year : 1936 Link download : Rahn_Otto_-_Invisible_radiations_of_organisms.zip Foreword. Visible biological radiations have always greatly attracted man's curiosity; fireflies and glow worms, luminescent wood, phosphorescent meat, and the  […]

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Monday 28 September 2015

Rahn Otto - Cruzada contra el Grial

Author : Rahn Otto Title : Cruzada contra el Grial La tragedia del catarismo Year : 1933 Link download : Rahn_Otto_-_Cruzada_contra_el_Grial.zip INTRODUCCION A LA NUEVA EDICION ALEMANA. La primera edición de Kreuzzug gegen den Gral apareció en Alemania en el año 1933; era el resultado de varios  […]

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Rahn Otto - Crusade Against the Grail

Author : Rahn Otto Title : Crusade Against the Grail Year : 1933 Link download : Rahn_Otto_-_Crusade_Against_the_Grail.zip Crusade Against the Grail is the daring book that popularized the legend of the Cathars and the Holy Grail. The first edition appeared in Germany in 1933 and drew upon Rahn's  […]

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Rahn Otto - The court of Lucifer

Author : Rahn Otto Title : The court of Lucifer A voyage with Europe's benevolent Ghosts Year : 1937 Link download : Rahn_Otto_-_The_court_of_Lucifer.zip DEPARTURE. He who loves his country, should also wish to understand it He who wishes to understand it, should try at every turn to penetrate its  […]

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