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Saturday 13 June 2015

Gross Walther - The National Socialist way of life

Author : Gross Walther Title : The National Socialist way of life Year : 19** Link download : National Socialism as a political movement will have reached its goal when the Reich has ultimately secured its proper position among other nations.  […]

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Friday 22 May 2015

Gross Walther - National Socialist racial policy

Author : Gross Walther Title : National Socialist racial policy A speech to german women Year : 1934 Link download : My Dear German Women and Girls ! When Germans come together today to discuss the things that concern us both as individuals and  […]

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Gross Walther - Race

Author : Gross Walther Title : Race A radio speech Year : 1934 Link download : German youth! Since National Socialism took the leadership in Germany, one often hears people talking in all sorts of places about race. It was not always that way. Even two years ago, our  […]

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Gross Walther - Pensamiento racial nacionalsocialista

Author : Gross Walther Title : Pensamiento racial nacionalsocialista Year : 1938 Link download : De todas las medidas introducidas en la nueva Alemania, aquellas dirigidas a la política racial nacionalsocialista causaron internacionalmente  […]

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