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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Goff Kenneth - Traitors in the Pulpit

Author : Goff Kenneth Title : Traitors in the Pulpit and treason toward God Year : 1946 Link download : Goff_Kenneth_-_Traitors_in_the_Pulpit.zip Act now ! In this book, we have hardly scratched the surface of the Red Trojan Plot to destroy the Churches of America. Many books could be written,  […]

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Goff Kenneth - Confessions of Stalin's agent

Author : Goff Kenneth Title : Confessions of Stalin's agent Year : 1948 Link download : Goff_Kenneth_-_Confessions_of_Stalin_s_agent.zip I was born and raised in a conservative southern Wisconsin community. While working on a weekly newspaper in 1935, I received a letter through the FERA informing  […]

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Goff Kenneth - Brain-washed into slavery ?

Author : Goff Kenneth Title : Are people of America being Brain-washed into slavery ? Year : 1940 Link download : Goff_Kenneth_-_Brain-washed_into_slavery.zip Shoking exposé of comunist textbook on psychopolitical warfare - Evidence of its use in schools across our nation disguised as  […]

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