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Friday 18 October 2013

Feldenkrais Moshe - Judo The art of defence and attack

Author : Feldenkrais Moshe Title : Judo The art of defence and attack Year : 1944 Link download : Feldenkrais_Moshe_-_Judo_The_art_of_defence_and_attack.zip In preparation higher judo by Dr. M. Feldenkrais. This is the first book in a series of three volumes designed for students who already  […]

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Feldenkrais Moshe - Higher judo ground work

Author : Feldenkrais Moshe Title : Higher judo ground work Year : 1952 Link download : Feldenkrais_Moshe_-_Higher_judo_ground_work.zip Judo is the art of using all parts of the body to promote general well being, and might be considered as a basic culture of the body. It creates a sense of rhythm  […]

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Feldenkrais Moshe - Hadaka-jime

Author : Feldenkrais Moshe Title : Hadaka-jime The core techniques for pratical unarmed combat Year : 1942 Link download : Feldenkrais_Moshe_-_Hadaka-jime.zip Hadaka-Jime: Practical Unarmed Combat is a unique training program that is based on one core technique. Dr. Feldenkrais developed the  […]

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Saturday 24 November 2012

Feldenkrais Moshe - Practical unarmed combat

Author : Feldenkrais Moshe Title : Practical unarmed combat Year : 1942 Link download : Feldenkrais_Moshe_-_Practical_unarmed_combat.zip I have often asked, after Judo contests or demonstrations, to show a "trick" by which one can invariably master an opponent. These requets were put in a  […]

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